2012 Theme Speaker Rev. Matthew Crary

2012 Theme Speaker Talkback

Canoeing fun in Jenks Lake

Cairns building workshop results

Big Bear Solar Observatory 2012 field trip

2012 Talent Show

2011 Theme Co-Speaker Rev. Michael Dowd

2011 Theme Co-Speaker Connie Barlow.

Peaceful canoeing at Jenks Lake in 2011.

Majestic Bald Eagle at Jenks Lake in 2011

Trip to Big Bear Solar Observatory in 2011.

Talent Show Skit including a cross-dresser in 2011.

Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale giving Theme Talk in August 2010.

Big Bear Solar Observatory Tour in 2010.

Talent Show striptease by Kellie Roundtree and its effect on Len Harris.


Rev. Jim VanderWeele giving Theme Talk in August 2009.


Big Bear Solar Observatory Tour in 2009 showing new telescopes and dome.


Rev. Jim Grant giving a Theme Talk in August 2008.


PSWIRL Dean Nancyann Leeder folk dancing in August 2008.


Rev. Jon Dobrer presenting his Theme Talk in August 2006.


Genie Nakano's Belly Dance in 2005 Talent Show.


Leslie Levy's "What a Body Can Do" in 2005 Talent Show.


View of Pines During 2005 Theme Talk.


2007 PSWIRL Theme Speaker Rev. John Morehouse.


Peter Landecker, one of several PSWIRLers canoeing in Jenks Lake in August 2007.


Terry Rezek and his storytelling. The bottom photo was taken at the Talent Show in 2008.


The above photos are by Peter Landecker and are Copyright 2005-2012 and cannot be used without written permission.

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